Friday June 23rd – New Moon – Midsummer Day – Litha

Today was a far more subdued day than yesterday, and it would seem to me that the mischief night enjoyed by the elder members of the school children is indeed carried on in the echoes of the actions of the adults of the island, too. I left early last night to begin my preparations for … More Friday June 23rd – New Moon – Midsummer Day – Litha

Thursday June 22nd – Midsummers Eve – Mischief Night

Today is Midsummer Eve, the night before the Laevian festival of Litha, which sits opposite Yule in their Holy calendar. Litha will be the last of the Laevian Holy days that I will bear witness to during my stay here, for Lammastide is almost here again, and that’s where these journals began. It has a … More Thursday June 22nd – Midsummers Eve – Mischief Night

Wednesday June 21st

Today, I went down to the blacksmith’s with my three rifle bullets and my silver thimble, which I stole from the mementos mori trinkets of the old baronial home, explaining once again that it was token kiss gifted to me by Fae in the fashion on J.M. Barrie’s Peter to Wendy. ‘And you’re sure she … More Wednesday June 21st

Tuesday June 20th

Today, Captain George and I sailed to the mainland to deliver the last package containing my belongings back to the mainland, specifically to Fae and my old and true home. And last, night as I suspected and hoped, a thunderstorm raged above Laev all night, meaning that our crossing to the mainland harbour was smooth, … More Tuesday June 20th

Sunday June 18th

In the old kirk, this morning, Lady Rhea and the islanders conducted another blessing rite for the child born earlier this week. And as I had planned, I did not attend, and instead stayed in my croft after my morning’s exercise to continue on in my writing and research. Today was the last day I … More Sunday June 18th

Saturday June 17th

Perhaps it was from knowing that tomorrow will be the last day that I can commit to nothing else but writing, or perhaps it was because I have made such a diligent habit of focused work these last few days, but this morning I woke far earlier that normal, and more than that, I woke … More Saturday June 17th

Thursday June 15th

It occurred to me this morning that I have only four true full days left that I can call my own, and therefore use for writing and researching my botanical aphorisms. A child came into being on Laev this week and has proven healthy and strong, and as of such there will be a blessing … More Thursday June 15th