Heartfelt Thank You

The first feast of Harvest time, Lammastide, is once again over for another year. But along with its eternal return three days ago also came the end of Prof. Ronald Vickery’s time on the Isle of Laev, concluding his documentation of their unique customs and traditions, which mark and celebrate the ever-turning Wheel of the … More Heartfelt Thank You

Sunday July 30th

This morning, I witnessed the last Sunday sermon I will ever see Lady Rhea preach, for though we have made polite intimations about staying in touch and my returning to visit one day, I doubt I ever will. Never say never, of course, but at this moment in time, with all my failings and all … More Sunday July 30th

Friday July 28th

I’m back in my croft. I couldn’t sleep in that deathly cave. It’s Friday morning, near dawn, near the darkest hour. I arrived home after midnight, hoping my bed would bring sleep fast. It didn’t. I’m too scared; too guilty. So I read from Revelations. This is my soul’s final sentence:   And The Devil … More Friday July 28th

Thursday July 27th

I’ve sat in my bone-filled, pelt-strew cave all day, reading St. John’s Gospel, and praying for the souls of William and me. I find hope in these lines:   “My Word is Simple Truth. Hear My Word and Believe. I come from Eternity. Believe My Word, and never know judgement. Believe, and breathe from death … More Thursday July 27th

Wednesday July 26th

I’ve buried the man I Christened William. His pallid grey skin; the coarse black mist of hair that crept across his body; he had to go. With the trowel I use to bury my excrement, I dug a hole through the daylight under the cave’s cloaking darkness, stopping only when true night had fallen, And … More Wednesday July 26th

Tuesday July 25th

Last night, I slept in Black Bill’s cave, amidst the rabbit bones and pelts. When I woke, the dead man was still lying in his blood on the hillside. I didn’t know what to do. I still don’t. I read my Bible all day, stopping only to drink water. I knew John’s words would bring … More Tuesday July 25th

Monday July 24th

Today I killed Black Bill. I woke before dawn. My anxious thoughts had fed into my dreams all night, leading me to believe I’d missed my second chance at killing the dreaded hound, and that he’d turned on me, tearing my guts to feast on the blood. But none of this was true. What’s true … More Monday July 24th